A funny birthday card series where different iconic Tasmanian animals wishing you a very happy birthday. Each in their own ways. 


The echidna with his sharp pines, the balloon bearer for each birthday party... as long as there are no strong winds blowing the balloons onto his pines. 




Part of the Tasmanian Birthday series, inspired by my time living in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmanian Devil   - 'Have a growling good birthday'
Echidna                    - 'Have a pop of a birthday' 
Wombat                   - 'Happy poopy birthday'
Wallaby                    - 'Have a happy hoppy birthday'



Have a Pop of a Birthday

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  • ---LOOK & FEEL---
    Tent-type greeting card, printed on a heavy paper with a luxurious thick feel. A matte finish, no text inside the card. 
    Back includes logo & copyright



    All cards come with a kraft envelope.

    ---MIX 'N MATCH---
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